Clairvoyants Auckland

Clairvoyants Auckland

Clairvoyants in Auckland are walking amongst you and it is time you reach out and accept your destiny.

Life is one big mystery and it is impossible to foretell what is around the corner, even worse, we need to make decisions on which corner to take every day. Will this corner provide an advancement in our career? Will this corner lead to meeting the man of our dreams with a body better than Channing Tatums?

Taking these corners in life is madness without clairvoyant readings helping to illuminate our paths and helping us rip off the veil that is obscuring our third eyes.

Psychic Tarot is your one place of salvation in the psychic world, with all the clairvoyant readings and training you require to become clairvoyant yourself.

Discover what life is really about with the help of our psychic training and tarot card readings, thrust your way forward in life with certainty and discover what life truly is about without the binds of darkness covering your path.

About Clairvoyant Georgia Harper

Greetings traveller, my name Georgia Harper and I have the distinct honour of running Psychic Tarot, New Zealand’s premier online tarot reading and clairvoyant service, here to serve all the lost souls and truth seekers in New Zealand.

I have been a clairvoyant and tarot card reader since I lost my mother at the age of 3. My grandmother Ethelinda adopted me and raised me out of her gypsy caravan. As we traveled New Zealand, seeing places like Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and even Kaitaia, we read the fortunes and held tarot card readings in all of those cities and towns along the way.

At age 18 I was fully trained in the psychic arts, a qualified clairvoyant and registered kamasutra advisor, having practised with my grandmother for all of those years. Taking my new deck of tarot cards and various crystals, I traveled all over New Zealand and then the world, developing my skills and reading the fortunes of thousands of psychic seekers and believers.

Tarot Reading Service Packages.

After 40 years of providing clairvoyant readings for Auckland and other major cities across the globe, I have settled back in Auckland and started Psychic Tarot for all of New Zealand to enjoy.

To help keep up with demand, I have now a number of highly qualified and experienced clairvoyants who can tell fortunes with the help of touch, sense, palm reading and divination. Everyone is highly accurate and can lead you to make spiritual decisions based on the signs of the crystals, numerology and spirituality.

Psychic Tarot offers a wide selection of clairvoyant services to fulfill everyone’s needs and desires. Starting from a simple 1 hour session through to multiple sessions across a number of days to ensure a thorough and accurate reading.

Our Clairvoyant Readings are good for:

  • Family Issues
  • Increased Sex Drive And Virality
  • Love Advice
  • Speaking To Spirits
  • Career Advice
  • Foretelling Next Weeks Lotto Numbers
  • The Pool Boy’s Home Address and more!

Online Clairvoyant Readings

Online Clairvoyant readings are the fastest and easiest way to get your clairvoyant readings without needing to leave your home and travel away from your cats. Save on petrol costs and save time by booking a session easily with your phone or computer. Psychic Tarot has a specially designed and calibrated “clairvoyant portal” that sends you directly to our chat rooms where a clairvoyant is ready to read for you. Our clairvoyants are right here in Auckland and can channel your aura directly through your internet connection.

Enjoy a wine or six and relax in your own home as one of our psychics dives deep into your life and uncovers the best career decisions, love advice and pool boys to call to ensure you live the best life possible.

Psychic clairvoyant readings are the sought after solution of millions for guidance in all angles of life, whether you require advice in your career, want to connect with lost relatives or even find out which birthday present is best to buy for Tim the pool boy, clairvoyant readings are your answer to all of life’s mysteries and more.

Clairvoyant Readings And More!

Our services go far beyond Clairvoyant Readings as we also provide

  • Tarot Card Readings
  • Fortune Telling
  • Palm Reading
  • Psychic Readings