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Welcome to Psychic Tarot New Zealand. We are your premier providers of Tarot Card Readings In New Zealand amongst quality psychic services like clairvoyant readings, palm reading and fortune telling.

Our team of highly trained and qualified tarot card readers have been reading tarot cards in New Zealand for over forty years, with a combined experience of over a century. Our tarot card decks are some of the most highly regarded in the world and our range is adapted for everyone’s uses. Whilst the Major Arcana of 78 Cards is our most common choice, we also carry the Minor Arcana and the Tarot of Marseilles, the Rider-Waite tarot deck, and the Thoth tarot deck for those discerning customers that require the highest amount of accuracy.

Tarot Reading New Zealand

Psychic Tarot has worked hard to develop a tarot reading service that can service all of New Zealand, from Invercargill to Kaitaia and every major city like Auckland and Wellington in-between. Technology is truly a two-edged sword as it’s evil frequencies work against us to shut our third eye but on the other hand it connect us all together and allow us to provide psychic services to anyone in New Zealand that has a mobile device or portable computer.

To aid those in remote locations or have do not wish to commute to our tarot card reading communes, our services can be accessed online through high fidelity video chat.

Tarot Readings Can Help With:

  • Career Decisions
  • Love life and Partner Selection
  • Increased Love Life Satisfaction
  • Channeling Mediums and Spirits
  • Fortune Telling and Foressing
  • Any Difficult Life Decisions

Our Psychic Tarot Reading is Available Via Two Mediums:

Phone Tarot Reading

We are proud to be the only ones providing Tarot Card Readings In New Zealand through a phone connection. Our highly trained clairvoyants can establish a psychic connection to your voice and carry out a reading without even seeing you.

Our tarot sessions start off with a lengthy discussion and chat where our tarot readers channel your soul and anchor themselves to you, once that is complete our reader will fan out a deck of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards and simply ask you to choose 10 cards by saying choosing a number between 1 and 78.

Which cards you select have already been preordained in the psychic realm and so your subconscious already knows which cards to choose as it is seeing the future, since you are not a clairvoyant, you require our tarot card reader to help demystify your subconscious and translate that energy into verbal input over the phone.

These sessions can go for well over four hours and so we kindly suggest all of our callers to use a speakerphone and lie down on a comfortable sofa to help the reading.

Online Tarot Reading in New Zealand

If your aura prefers to visually inspect the tarot cards before selecting them, we also provide an online tarot card reading service.

Using any online enabled device, you can login into our tarot realm and be connected through video call to one of our tarot readers in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand. Once connected, our Tarot reader will establish a connection to your psyche and be told which tarot card deck to use. This is done automatically as your subconscious has already decided which is best for that phase of the lunar cycle.

Once the deck has been fanned out, you will be free to select 10 cards from which our psychic will conduct the tarot card reading.

Whichever service you choose is up to you and both are highly regarded as being very accurate and precise.

Our Tarot Card Readers Are Ready For You! – Call Now or Schedule a Reading.

About Psychic Tarot.

Psychic Tarot has been providing Tarot Card Readings In New Zealand for over forty years. We have a team of ten psychic readers that are available at all hours of the day to cover all of your spiritual needs.

To help with demand, our reading services are available online and through the phone to ensure everyone across New Zealand can have access to highly accurate tarot card readings without needing to travel from home.

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